Camping Tips For Any Music Festival

Latitude Festival

A Few Camping Tips for a Music Festival:

Admit it, almost half of the excitement that builds up before a music festival is an experience that is going to come from under the tent.

Here is some pro and must read camping tips or otherwise just a deliberate attempt to get you day dreaming for a camping music festival.




  • First of all have some small self-made protocols and rules for the important items like festival tickets, wristbands, documents, cash, cigarettes, condoms and things you can’t afford to fuck with. Give them to the lady friend who has a good hand bag or get yourself a satchel or a side bag.


You can loose it all in go!!


  • Arrange and pack a first aid kit because if you keep it for the last, at the time of regret you might be on the festival ground itself
  • Then pack some important tools like a swiss army knife or a multi-tool in one type of thing.

            A lighter or spark stone (the one that bear gryll carries).

Power Banks and charging wires. Preferably solar gadgets.

  • Wristwatches (very very handy)
  • Duct tape
  • Chains keys and locks.
  • Dustbin plastic Bags
  • A small idol, totem or locket of the god you follow.


Hygiene :


  • Sanitizer bottles, Paper Soaps, Bathroom tissues, towels and pieces of cloth and dusters. Lab gloves. Most importantly, deodorants. 
  • Lots of sunscreen or Zinc oxide (that white thing cricketers apply to their faces)
  • Face Wipes because you won’t get to wash your face anytime you feel.
  • Chewing gums and mints
  • Sleeping bags.





  • Hydraters and coolers and thing that assists in keeping you cool and hydrated.

           Be it Koozies for your bottles, Ice keeps, good water tanks, sippers.


  • Lots and lots of food. Will save a lot of money and will keep you energized.

          Also if cooking is allowed because most festivals let you do that,

           then take your cooking gear and some food but not that picnic type food. It is not a feast.

           What works:

         Dry Fruits, Sandwiches, Eggs, Fruits, Beer. Munchies, Juice, noodles or pasta, ready to be boiled momos and similar stuff which is easy to cook and easy to carry)


Yami Yami!!

  • Light and Compact clothes.


  • Unique flag and a tall flag pole or some sort of a shiny light stick to distinguish your tent from a distance. Solar powered lights for outside and inside of your tent.


  • Compact Foldable chair or


  • A hammock, if you like to sleep against an open night sky.


Yes,, they exist!!


  • Flip-flops and running shoes     


  • Bandana and sun glasses once again to protect against the sun.


  • A volleyball or frisbee or some sport thingy


  • A ukulele

Thats an ukulele

  • Your personal Diary and a pen.






  • Dont take lazy people along with you

those kind of people

  • Dont take people who you know have been knocked down under the sun before


  • Dont take people with a tendency for anxiety and panic attacks




Feel free to disagree and put up opinions or constructive suggestions or any real camping experiences.