Festival Toys and stuff

Festival Toys (or good gifting ideas too):


Which are safe and not boring at the same time. Plus they pass almost any festival security test.


A Visual Poi:

It might take all the days of your life and all the people in your life to figure out what a visual poi could possibly mean. And trust me you will never figure out what it actually is. In fact, we ourselves don’t know how to describe it so I would strongly recommend you take a look at it.

Which in motion looks like the next picture




Now how fucking awesome an object is that.




A Light up Fur Rave Jacket:

In the morning you would look like one of the white wolves from game of thrones. And then by the evening they start disco-ing.

Keep Glowing Baby!!!!!!!!!

Also it serves as a good crowd identifier and will attract the attention of rest of the ravers around.


Phoenix Smart Hoop:

Something similar to the visual poi but this time requires some hula hoop skills.




Glow paints:

It was a time of the past when glow paints were simply things you could apply to your skin and glow in the dark. Now they come as glow nail polishes, lipsticks, mascara and what not. Also this serves as a good identity concealer so exploit it to the maximum.

Glows again


Shutter Glasses:

Look through this and the world will not appear in one piece.



Led Mouth Piece:

Wear on of these and pretend like you are wearing nothing. Then give out a sudden wide smile in the middle of nowhere.

What a smile!




Whether it is a huboptic, rave mask, funny mask, celebrity mask etc

Kisses anyone



Water guns:

Because no one minds.



Led Gloves:

The finger actions and signs come to life, like the ones where you make a heart out of it.




Sky Lanterns or chinese lamps:

Serves as a memento to the last moments of a festival. Drop one up to the sky watch it till it disappears.


Now lets count them stars



This is mostly the responsibility of the organizers but if you get chance just experience the beauty of it.




Oh and it is possible to incorporate all the above-mentioned items into the same person


And lastly:









Flame throwers, AK – 47, rocket launchers, grenades and other assorted weaponry: 😀 😀 😀 😀

(Just kidding)